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So much to do, so much to see, and the weather is perfect so much of the time.  We are starting this site to enrich your senses with Alachua County Florida.  We will share links, Pictures, and tons of information to make a stay here worth the while.

So check back often for pictures and links and information, to make your stay worth the stay !

Alachua County is a county located in the U.S. state of Florida. As of the 2010 United States Census, the population of the county is 247,336. Alachua County is the home of the University of Florida and is also known for its diverse culture, local music, and artisans. Much of its economy revolves around the university. (Wikapedia)

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What’s New?


Beautiful Pictures from Sweetwater Wetlands Park . If you haven't been to this beautiful #GNV gem, you should stop there this weekend. Great park for the whole family!Bobcats are stealthy animals and not often seen even though their numbers are abundant. Bobcats hunt by sight and usually at night. We have had an increase in sightings at #SweetwaterWetlandsPark this past month, especially in the evening. This bobcat lounged around for 20 minutes yesterday evening near wetland cell 3!

Evenings are a great time to view wildlife and take advantage of cooler temperatures! The park is open every day from 7am-sunset.

Get your tickets today for this 4 Day Music Festival meant to also raise awareness of social and environmental issues! Find out more at ThePlanetFestival.comJust take a LOOK at this lineup! Raise awareness and listen to some Great Great Music! #GNV #352Arts #ThePlanetFestival ...



So it’s Hurricane Season ….. And other disaster events…

Are you prepared?  The County has a CERT program (Community Emergency Response Team) that will help insure you are prepared in the event of a hurricane, or other natural event, as well as man-made.  Think about getting involved for your family, and your community to assist.

Prepare items if you need to stay in your home

Prepare items if you need to seek shelter at one of Alachua’s Approved Shelters in your Community.

Clay Electric Cooperative Inc.s July 2014 issue of “Kilowatt” has an issue FULL of tips.


Helpful Websites in the event of a hurricane or other local disaster

Florida Division of Emergency Management:

The National Weather Service:

The Federal Emergency Management Agency:


The Weather Channel ::

The Red Cross:





Redefine Life: Enjoy Western Alachua County ::The Saga of Arlo, Grace Continues

Arlo and Grace take Alachua by Storm   IMG_3627-cropped

Our New Mascots are 11 weeks old, and we are taking them to outdoor events.  Redefine Living :  Enjoy Western Alachua County is part of the good living series , which includes sustainable living, enjoying living, visiting places of interest , and doing it safely.  (always use your Sunscreen when you go out)  We will be sharing more and more of their adventures.  Click on the link above to see more about this week !

To see all their antics go to their page category on : Arlo and Grace